Welcome to Pet Specials Losser

Pet Specials Losser is a business venture of Final Plastics Nederland B.V.Pet Specials Losser

Its products are manufactured in a special department and comply with the strict regulations set forth by the health authorities.
Our company holds an EC 1069/2009 approval under EC no. 35673. The products are made as castings based on corn, rice and wheat. For special purposes, vitamins and additives can be applied.

The standard range comprises dog chew bones and chew carrots for rodents.
Besides the standard range, specific pet products can be made. Clients of Pet Specials Losser are provided with the opportunity to have customized products manufactured.
Our products are sold at wholesale.

Pet Specials Losser is equipped its own device manufacturing to produce required die plates. The deployed die casting procedure allows for manufacturing three-dimensional products. It is thus possible to offer unique shapes and compositions.